Absence isn’t always focussed

I often write about sand and sea, some of my happiest, and saddest times, have been at that place where land and water meet.

To re-discover these two treasures, at the opposite extremes of the emotional continuum, is as though to believe that one can find the rainbows end. 

I was humoured at a lunchtime poetry reading when I talked of connecting often with peak experiences, I suggested it ought to be possible to find ways to let them enter your life each and every day, each and every hour even.

It might mean that you have to lower your defences, you may have to steer clear of immunisation, you may need to enter the vulnerable world, become one of those people who are apparently less focussed.

But feel free, kick off your shoes, skip along the sand dunes, let the ice cream dribble down your skirt; if all you do is create one beautiful memory, that lives with you, it will feed a hundred or more poems, believe me.

There is always time to hone and polish, time to reflect and search, time to pad out and support, time to embellish and enrich; there is always time to develop - but it is the split second, the absolute moment of capture, that is where the unmistakeable beauty of your own unique work is born.

© Christopher Sanderson 2019