Escape from the thought of closure

Poems can always be resurrected, poetry is there to be tinkered with. Some poets put their work aside for years before returning to develop the work further.

One poet told me of a poem that he had submitted to a magazine competition (and won) many years ago; he was happy to receive the acclaim of course, but he knew that for him one of the words just wasn’t the right word.

He woke up one morning recently with the word he really wanted to use there in the forefront of his mind, he had no plausible explanation, but he was certain that it more than suited the poem. His own copy of the poem then, is now, by choice, slightly different to the winning original.

If this sounds like play, or indulgence then that is fine, it is intended, for that is how I see poetry. Working with poetry for personal pleasure and self fulfilment is something I hope always to be able to do.

I have no sight of closure, nor do I seek it out. My poems are memories of life and times; past experiences that I feel able to work with, just as if they were a scrapbook or a photographic collection.

Except that with words, poetry or other forms of creative writing, it is possible to capture more than with the camera, more than with the artists brush. Poetry tells me more, of that momentary peak experience, than a single image ever could.

© Christopher Sanderson 2019