The construction of the poetry

I create poetry firstly in notebooks, the sort you might spend hours deciding to buy, in galleries, bookshops, or niche stationary outlets.

The notebooks become a fund of notes, ideas, inspirations, dream recollections, draft poems plus words and themes that I pick up from other poets in workshops or conversation.

The notebooks are my basis, scattered wherever they are; I take their cornucopia into the twenty first century, working the poems through my editing process (mood dependant) on the laptop computer.

Having become reliant on software it was I suppose a natural step for the written word to develop into the spoken word. Reading the poems out aloud affects how the written word feels. 

The raw materials are thus, by working and reworking, brought together, almost always nowadays a written word is accompanied by a spoken word. 

The final phase, thanks to technology allows me to indulge my love of art, photography and film - selected poems are chosen to be used as the backdrop for the creation of poetry videos. 

Again the medium may affect the words, and thus the never ending process of editing continues.

At various times collections are put together; most always they include all of the work of the time, in more or less chronological order, though happenstance, and fading memory may well interrupt the absolute integrity of the back catalogue compilations.

© Christopher Sanderson 2019