Scribble, meddle; forage for experiences

I started poetry workshops to help my academic studies. At the time it struck me that to help others discover and enjoy poetry I would have to go the extra mile, which in turn would be useful for my academic progress.

It was one of the best decisions of my life, my studies were successful, but better than that, far and away better - the pleasure of running workshops, pure joy... yet of course always mixed with a fair amount of trepidation.

The poetry and creative writing workshops that I facilitate are about doing it now, about having a go, right away. My preparation is to find the twigs and branches that the poets and writers feel able to engrave with their own riches.

Almost always there are wonderful surprises, every session it seems someone scribes a truly inspirational piece of work, and everyone creates or discusses some starting point for future meditations.

It is often said that the best thing to do to improve ones own writing is to read other poets and writers, I absolutely agree with the sentiment. The research that I undertake, for workshops that I facilitate, opens up the vast world of creative writing for me.

We are so fortunate in this age to have so many resources easily at hand, it is difficult perhaps not to be overwhelmed by the choices available, but don’t worry, jump in, the waters are fresh, the words are invigorating.

© Christopher Sanderson 2019